Sunday, November 20, 2005

Over the Shoulder

Over the Shoulder Zoe
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Just a little comparison between Max and Zoe at about the same age...

Over the Shoulder Max

Not much time right now to write...

Pulled my hamstring playing Ultimate today and need to ice it again.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Last Week

Last Week
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Rough week last week...

Tried to get rid of the pacifier because it was causing some problems with her feeding...

You can see how well that went.

Quite a few late nights and a lot of screaming.

We went back to the pacifier for this week, but it looks like we might be going off it again.

Poor girl has developed some hardcore
infant acne too. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

It's been hard to keep up with the pictures and the blogging...but I'm trying.

More soon.

Boquitas Diana

Boquitas Diana
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Just a couple of ads that have caught my eye around town...

Diana's Snacks was on a truck driving into town...Particularly strange as the two sides of the truck had pristine versions of the same would have thought someone would realize that Little Diana possessed and covered in rusty sores was not good branding...

The other is all around town. I suppose a herd of wild horses is a better image than Bob Dole shilling Viagra.

Como Caballos Savajes

Halloween Night

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Max, Antonio and Maya on Halloween.

Didn't have a lot of luck in our neighborhood.

Last year we were caught unprepared for Halloween. I had no candy at all and Kim was somewhere with the car...I think at the I couldn't run out and get some. I had tons of kids ringing the bell. I didn't have candy and I didn't know enough Spanish at the time to tell them to go away turned off all the lights and hid.

This year we were totally prepared, pumpkin and everything, but we had maybe 20 kids for the whole night.

Max and our neighbors went out, but only got candy from about 4 houses...sigh...maybe next year.