Thursday, November 16, 2006

Todos Santos and more

Max and Gerard, Todos Santos
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Just a short post here since I am running off for work and errands. I just wanted to post a link to all of the pictures I have put up recently on my site. Which is, by the way, .

Most of these new pictures are from Todos Santos (All Saints' Day) which is November 1st. There is a region in Guatemala that is famous for having these huge kites fly on that day. Everyone goes down to the town cemetery, cleans up and decorates graves of family members, and, for reasons I do not fully understand, flies kites. Some of the kites are normal sized, some 10-30 feet tall and some are purely decorative and incredibly a couple of stories tall kind of huge.

Also included are some pictures from around the house and from Guy Fawkes Day celebration we went to with some British friends. Most of those pictures are in the "This Week in Guatemala" section.

Zoe and Max, Sharing
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Gotta get going back to work.


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